“Mickey Stevenson is my brother, brother.  He has not received his props.  He was our first A&R man at Motown.  Marvin wanted to be a crooner.  Mickey was the one who turned Marvin around to become what we know and love! He convinced Marvin Gaye to sing rhythm and blues"

-Smokey Robinson ​


“Mickey was a street cat, a wheeler-dealer, but I knew it was that same hustling quality that made him the superstar A&R man he was.  He could match up any kind of team - writers, producers, artists - any combination..."

-Berry Gordy 

"When new musicians came into Motown and wanted to know, who's the power?  It was Mickey" 

-Jack Ashford (Funk Brothers) 

"It was really with Mickey that I began something that was unique to my management style; building the structure around the person rather than fitting the person into the structure." 

-Berry Gordy 

"I (will) always remember Mickey Stevenson for his loyalty and dedication.  He was one of the greatest creative forces during our formative years." 

-Berry Gordy